Saturday 29 January 2011

Fresh Little Candies - Blissphemy (1999)

The weirdest thing happened to us the other week. We're used to getting email directed at us in the CCPS inbox, but this time we were brought into a conversation halfway through. Not just any conversation, this was an exchange between former members of Skin Barn and Agony Pipe (and a couple of other folks, including some east coast brewers).

The upshot of it all is that former Skin Barn frontman Colin Allin flipped us this CD, which he describes thusly:

[M]y last official recording, Mar 3 1999 (produced and mastered by Bobby McAllister). yours truly on guitar/vox, Brent Gough on bass/vox, and Chris "Lou" Lowry destroying the drums as usual.

For those who are curious, from what we can gather, Colin is now somewhere in Nicaragua, doing things with websites.

Get some Candy from this website.

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Paul Hughes said...

RIP Colin Allin