Monday 20 December 2010

Lucid 44 - Body Harm Sounds (2009)

It's kind of odd that we haven't yet had nay Lucid 44 on this site yet, as Mark Overland apparently has a bit of a tape fetish, putting out most of his Lucid 44 (and related band Gutterawl) material on this format.

Okay, we have to admit that we did have another tape in our possession a while back, when we were without an intern. This lack of staff meant that the communication between our archiving and digitizing departments broke down - so, when we thought we'd ripped the tape (which was a series of soundscapes, if we recall), we certainly didn't actually save whatever we had digitized.

Regardless, we're pleased to have some now - especially because this is mighty fine stuff. Not like the soundscapy tape we almost had before, this is more bedroom pop - we were struggling to figure out who it reminded us of, until we found this clip:

Yep, Sebadoh-y goodness infuses this Lorrie Matheson-produced nugget. We dig Overland's gruff delivery on this. Highly recommended.

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