Tuesday 21 December 2010

Gïllïgan - The Originals/I flip the coin and terror fills you…Heads you die and Tails I kill you! (1987/1997)

Our quest to obsessively document all recordings by the Brothers Kushner continues with this two-for-one. Greg didn't tip us to its existence, though - you can thank Bob Keelaghan for that. Sometime last summer, he slyly suggest that we ask Greg about Gilligan and Alexander Graham Bell.

And here's the answer: at some point, Greg and Jeff decided to go metal. But in a fairly Billy and the Boingers way.

The first (“The Originals” – the title is a Kiss homage) features the original stuff Jeff and I recorded in 1987 on CJSW’s 4-track. Our Mom ("Metal Mom") was battling cancer at the time, yet bravely and gamely came in to be our tape op! Jeff plays all guitars and I’m on Bass and Drums. We both “sang”. I’d written an ‘album’s’ worth of tunes back then, but we only got three tunes down. Ten years later I recorded all but the title track on my own on a crap 4-track; wish Jeff had been available to do the guitar! “Alexander Graham Bell” was a combo tribute to Iron Maiden’s sprawling epics crossed with the instrumental (emphasis on the "mental") bits from Kiss’s “Detroit Rock City”.

We're glad we followed up on Bob's tip - "Alexander Graham Bell" is a mighty fine treat.

And, apparently - he invented the telephone.

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