Friday 3 December 2010

Gasp! - Gasp! (1995)

Last weekend, we scored a pile of tapes from Saved by Radio's Dawn Loucks. In the dusty box that she found in her garage was this tape, one we've been trying to find for a while.

Gasp! stood (if memory serves us correctly) for Guys Are Such Pricks! and featured not one but two former-CJSW program directors, Kerry Clarke and Maizun Jayoussi. This is pretty low-fi, Cub-inspired garage pop, which is surprising considering (a) Clarke has gone on to a very successful tenure as director of the Calgary Folk Fest and (b) Jayoussi went on to play in BritPopsters the Lux.

Two of these songs also show up on the soundtrack of the Suburbanators, which we suddenly have a hankering to see again. We might have to skip down to Bird Dog to see if they have it...

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Anonymous said...

Paula Fayerman was my family doctor, she left medicine to play with Gasp! (which stands for Girls Attempting to Sing and Play! right.)