Monday 15 November 2010

Innocent III - Innocent III

Yes, we know, we've been slack for the past couple of months. Between our crippling addiction to ebay and, well, not having anything to post, we've know we've been lax.

So we're going to dip back into the Miscellany for a moment with this great CD, which we didn't know existed until a year and a half ago. As you well know, we at the CCPS like our Primrods. And our Wagbeard. So what do you get when you mix the two? We don't know. But when you mix parts of the two, you get this.

Innocent III was Calgay ex-pats (at the time) Chris Temple, Jon Sawyer and Trevor McGregor. It's probably not what you'd expect - this sways more towards good, solid power pop than the punkier, current Temple-Sawyer pairing, the Great Evil (also known as Innocent IV to certain smart-assed bass players (Steve Elaschuk)). Since Cam Hayden slid us a copy a while back, this has been on rotation a lot in the CCPS offices. Highly catchy, highly likeable.


Lorrie M said...

'One Way Conversation' is one of the best rock song, ever.

Lorrie M said...

Songs, I mean. :P

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this a while back, and i lost it :( can you guys put this up for download again?

Gene Poole said...

Re-upped! Enjoy!