Sunday 17 October 2010

Various - Tape #1 (2010)

We forgot that we had picked this tape up a couple of weeks ago, because we were listening to it on our car, and then it fell under the seat. You know how it goes...

Anyways, we're glad we found this again (we were looking for something else under the front seat, kind of like Homer in Who Shot Mr. Burns?), because it's got some might fine garage rock. And we like mighty fine garage rock. We also like the work of the folks at Roses - the curly-haired duo (also the members of Jeremy Clarkson) do mighty fine work. And we like mighty fine work, as you may have already guessed.

Sure, the compilation leads off with Lethbridge wunderkids Fist City, but it's all Calgary after that. Les Drauges Mothers (we think they're now called the Weird Shits?) offer up some sloppy goodness, while the Poly Shores get trippy. And Jeremy Clarkson are, well, Jeremy Clarkson.

And, like the last tape we bought, this one has a weird issue that we didn't notice when we were listening in our car (obviously our stereo - or our ears - has issues) - there's only a left channel. No right channel. It's garage rock, so we assume we're not missing anything too significant in the production.

We're not sure where you can get this - maybe ask the Roses guys?

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