Friday 17 September 2010

Freewill - Freewill

Along with the New Internationalists tape that Dan Singleton sent us, he also passed along this one. Dan describes Freewill as studio band from the early 90's that took its name from a Rush song. But not its musical direction.

We note that several of the songs on this tape were also on one of the New Internationalists demos that we pulled from the CJSW library, which probably shouldn't be surprising, considering the bands shared members. We also note that the lyrics to the lead track is not "Allies/in tomatoes" as we first thought it was.

We need to go for a hearing test.

Thursday 16 September 2010

New Internationalists - 1992 (1992)

The first time we were lucky enough to raid CJSW's tape library, we scored a pile of demos from the New Internationalists, which we threw into one post. It turns out that Dan Singleton of AWOL spent some time with the band, and he's sent us a second complete tape which includes a couple of tracks from the demos, plus a bunch of others.

We like the New Internationalists - they remind us at times of early U2 or the Police, if either of those bands didn't have complete and utter twats as lead singers (we honestly didn't know about that link until our intern Googled what we'd just written).

Get it (the NIs tape, not the twats') here.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Waysiders - The Five Star General (1997)

We're making a big assumption on this Waysiders tape that the membership is the same as on this one that Cam Shaft slipped us a while ago.

Hey, no j-card, no facts. That's how we roll.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Justin Curtis and Outerlimits - Banned From Nashville (1992)

We kind of wondered whatever happened to Justin Curtis - he was a regular on the Calgary scene in the early-to-mid-90s, sometimes it felt like you couldn't swing a cat without hitting a club he was playing at.

A little bit of digging has helped us to fill in his story - seems he left Calgary for Nashville in the late 8os, and then returned to Calgary because there were more places to play (really? is that possible?). While in Calgary, he released this tape, and then the tape/CD Rock-a-Billy in 3-D (does anyone have a copy of this second release they can lend us?). And then sometime after that, he split town back for the states. It looks like he's now in LA, based on his myspace. Who knew?

Here's a bit of video of Justin doing a track from this tape. Not sure of the year of the performance:

Get more of your well-groomed rockabilly here.

Monday 13 September 2010

Quickening - The Quickening (1992)

Early this year, Peter Gagnon from the Quickening contacted us to offer up a copy of this tape, but we never connected. So it was -as always - a treat to find this is the CJSW library. However, it does mean that we're not entirely sure who the other folks in this band were.

We had the Quickening pegged as a Metanoia band (probably because of their inclusion on the Metanoia comp), but this tape doesn't appear to be released by those good folks. Still, it has all the hallmarks of the label - heavy guitars, somewhere between metal and grunge.

Get it here.