Tuesday 10 August 2010

Topless Mongos - Topless Mongos (2010)

We don't know quite how this has happened, but suddenly we're bought into this whole tape-buying-hipster-movement. Actually, we do know why - Topless Mongos are one of our favourite local acts (full disclosure: we've only seen them once - but apparently they're playing Calgary's upcoming menstruation celebration, so we're looking forward to seeing them again there), and... hell, look at that illustration on the inner cover. Dilbart! Violating Garchie! This is better than Dig!

Well, almost. The cover of this tape claims to have four songs on side one. Ours only has two. But still, that's better than what we're giving you. Which is none, because you need to go buy this for yourselves.

Okay, since we've had a request.... here it is!


Anonymous said...

Can this still be bought? If not can you upload it?

Gene Poole said...

We're guessing you'll never find a copy. And the band is kaput, so we've posted it for you!