Sunday, 22 August 2010

Inquisition - Rise and Shine

We're not sure why the CCPS Posting Committee has selected this tape, one of the recent ones we borrowed from the good folks at CJSW, as the first to post from said batch of borrowed tapes. We have yet to find anything definitive about the membership of the Inquisition - and since this tape is missing its j-card, we're still stuck.


Anonymous said...

Judd (Hansell ?), three other guys from Beaverbrook High School, ca. 1993/94 or so...

All I can remember.

Terrible stuff, but hey.

Reilly said...

I used to Live on Judd's couch for a summer in 90' something! but I was really drunk for most of it and can't remember his last name. I do recall dropping acid and wandering into those fancy rug shops on 17th with slurpees just 'to check them out' and then lighting a kitchen on fire :)

Stubbs said...

This came out in 1995
It was recorded by Jeff Burns except the live veraion of This Land which was recorded by Casey Lewis.

The line-up was:
Judd Hansel on vocals
Mark (Vermin) Bizek on guitar
Jay Carlson on drums
Brent ?? on bass
Tim Bennet on guitar

I have a copy of this tape so I can scan and send it if someone tells me where to send the images to...