Tuesday 3 August 2010

Grown-Ups -Grown-Ups (2009)

We're trying to find time to get down to Ye Olde Tubbye Dogge this evening for one of their rock and roll spectaculars (and mayhaps one of our favourite things, the Sumo Dog), so it's probably fitting that we give this first little tape from one of tonight's bands a bit of a nod. For those who haven't seen the snotty punk rock of Grown-Ups, we highly recommend grabbing this, which the band has made available for download via their myspace (you might have to skim the page to find the link).

We like these guys so much, we bought a weird, frisbee-like piece of plastic of theirs.

Update: you can also get these tracks from a free compilation of their full recordings on bandcamp.

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