Sunday 29 August 2010

Great Uncle Bull - Great Uncle Bull (1998)

We were been pleased to feature the work of Shoutin' Abner Pim and the Puritans on here a while back, and now, thanks to the CJSW library, we're able to present the other piece that makes up the puzzle that is the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.

Great Uncle Bull was Vlad and Judd from the Agnostics, along with Julie Kerr (and maybe others?), doing some great, foot-stomping blues/bluegrass that certainly is an early indicator of the ground the Agnostics would plow.

We note that Judd appears to be taking a bit of a break from the Agnostics, which has the band playing with the great Jackson Phibes - we caught them at the Ship and Anchor, and their combination is amazing, highly recommended.

As is the tape at hand today.

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mandotodd said...

I saw 'em at South Country Fair in 1999 with Rodney (Guitarsplat) Brent ... I think. There were recreational drugs involved ... I think.