Saturday, 28 August 2010

Free Radicals - Self-Titled (1998)

We've got one last Free Radicals tape to share with you. We're intrigued by the idea of these guys paired with uber-perfectionist Bobby McAlister, and also the fact that they've got a track that's apparently been mixed by the infamous Whitey Kirst.

We've been clicking through a few more of the sites linked from the Free Radicals' posthumous myspace, and we're getting confused as to whether Curtain of Habit came before or after the Free Radicals. Maybe both? This is probably something we should know, but don't.


Anonymous said...

Whitey did the solo on "Face"
"Curtain" was playing years before the Radicals...we wanted to start something less heavy...after bumbling Infest
The band was also offered the opening slot for Nirvana at the Westward back in the day but declined because it was on a Monday, and they had played previous shows to no one, on that day....oh well

Anonymous said...

Curtain of habit briefly changed their name to "Movie" for the Sloth Records release

Bobby McAlister said...

Fuck perfectionism, just getting these guys out of the bar downstairs (we recorded above the Ship) was apparently what I was paid for.

Unknown said...

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