Friday, 27 August 2010

Free Radicals - Free Radicals (1994)

So here we have a properly yeared released from the Free Radicals. Even better, a hand-written note from the band that indicates they were considering a name change and held their cover of the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" ("Wanna Be Your Dog" on the tape cover and label, simply "Be Your Dog" on this note - we appreciate the economy of their re-titling) to be one of their strong inclusions on this.

Now, not to get overly picky, but we far prefer their Stooges cover to the Undertones cover that shows up on the flipside of this tape. We agree with John Peel that the original "Teenage Kicks" is worth (at least) 28 stars - we're going to give the Free Radicals' version just a fraction of that.

Anyways, we're sure these guys didn't want to be remembered for their choices of covers - though you have to admit, we've seen very few tapes thus far with many covers (we're not talking j-cards, we've seen piles of tapes without j-cards). In a lot of ways, it adds to the gritty, screw-it-all attitude that pervades this tape.

Or maybe that's just the drum machine?


Anonymous said...

I think Nighttime was their best song... can we find a recording of that?

Anonymous said...

I thought my 2 fingers were pretty impressive on the drum