Sunday, 8 August 2010

End Orphans - End Orphans (1988)

In among all of the Golden Calgarians-related tapes that Allen Baekeland lent us was this oddity, a band that was the brainchild of Matthew DiCastri. File this one under bedroom goth, and put it next to your Funeral Factory tapes.

Speaking of which genre, if anyone has the first Dixie's Death Pool tape, can you lend it to us? That's one of the ones we lost in a move somewhere among the years...


Anonymous said...

If you like End Orphans, check out what (he) has evolved to. Harmonic Destruction at
And THANK YOU for finding and saving this!

Anonymous said...

End Orphans played a gig at a 7th ave loft that was totally crazy, although the beginning of the end.
Harmonic Destruction ? 1 or all 3 of these guy? Great eveloution !