Wednesday 28 July 2010

Animal Kingdom - Animal Kingdom (1981)

We're really pleased that Allen Baekeland passed us this tape the other week. We'd had a request for this on our facebook group a ways back by former VOX guru Lee Hill. Lee's request (which we're pleased to fill today) indicates that this tape is circa 1980/81. We're sticking with 1981 until told otherwise, because we really like arbitrary decisions.

We also really like this tape, which features future Golden Calgarian Doug Smith. We're not sure what the other folks in the band went on to, music-wise, at least. Anyways, there's an odd mix of covers on here, but for us the shining points are the Smith originals, which point the way somewhat to where the Golden Calgarians would end up.

Or maybe not. Decide for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! Thanks for posting this one!

Paraphrase said...

At long last. Thanks.

Leeanimal (singer/Animal Kingdom) said...

Check out Michael Betzler "Penultimate Pussycat" and "IF I Knew Then What I Know Now" on YouTube.

Thanks Allen for keeping probably the one and only copy left of Animal Kingdom (with original artwork and pretty pristine condition)! By the way, correct on the date...1981.

Thanks Bill for posting the Sandwiches and yes I agree with the statement made....that FFWD article on Calgary punk rock in the early days was WOEFULLY missing a helluva LOT!

Anonymous said...

Two otherwise unavailable Animal Kingdom songs: (1983) (1986)