Thursday 29 July 2010

Golden Calgarians - Live at the Ace of Clubs May 21, 1986 (1986)

Yes, we know that Golden Rock beat us to the punch on this one, but there was in the bag of goodness from Allen Baekeland, so we're thrilled to finally have a reason to feature some Golden Calgarians at the CCPS. We're a big fan of these guys, and this is a pretty great show (Golden Rock suggests it was the start of a residency at the Ace of Clubs, and Color Me Psycho may have also been on the bill that night). Alls we know is, this set is pretty much stacked with all their greats, so it's worth grabbing.

Oh, and we have these VOX clippings, which predate the show by a good three years.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Animal Kingdom - Animal Kingdom (1981)

We're really pleased that Allen Baekeland passed us this tape the other week. We'd had a request for this on our facebook group a ways back by former VOX guru Lee Hill. Lee's request (which we're pleased to fill today) indicates that this tape is circa 1980/81. We're sticking with 1981 until told otherwise, because we really like arbitrary decisions.

We also really like this tape, which features future Golden Calgarian Doug Smith. We're not sure what the other folks in the band went on to, music-wise, at least. Anyways, there's an odd mix of covers on here, but for us the shining points are the Smith originals, which point the way somewhat to where the Golden Calgarians would end up.

Or maybe not. Decide for yourself!

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Eternal Now - Mystification Highway (1989)

A few months ago, at the annual Record Collectors Show, CJSW had set up a little table. On the edge of the table, they had a little box full of tapes they were giving away. And we found this! Which, with the inclusion of Allen Baekeland, closes the gap with Lost and Profound.

Monday 26 July 2010

Eternal Now - Animal Graces (1990)

We're not quite sure how we missed posting this tape that we borrowed from the CJSW archives a while back. Eternal Now started off as a Calgary-based band, but at some point at least three of the group moved on to Toronto. We're wondering if there's any link between these folks' move and the similar move that Allen Baekeland made with Lost and Profound. There's a few points of connection between the players in both bands (CJSW/VOX, The Now Feeling, probably countless others that we're not aware of...). Anyways, since these guys started off here in Calgary, we're calling this a legit Calgary release.

Get it hereabouts.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Shinolas - Demos

We're trying really hard to get back on track with postings (which has recently been trumped by our interest in sitting in the sun drinking beer). If we can ignore the Siren's call of the bottle for the next while, we've got some gold to share.

We'll start by finishing off the great box of goodness from Conrad Montana. Nestled within said box were about four tapes of various Shinolas demos (some of which sound pretty finished, by Shinolas standards) - so we've collected them into one easy-to-grab package for your enjoyment. And we're pretty sure you'll enjoy the sound of Pete Link mumbling the verses to such Shinolas classics as "Kotex Kids."

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Anxious Poets - Drug I'm Under

We're trying to get back on track with some of the tapes we've been sitting on. Deep within the box of tapes from Conrad Montana, we found this: an unreleased Anxious Poets track!

Which really smashes Lorrie's whole Six Songs Good myth, but we're going to seek solace in the added bonus of a Fire Engine Red station promo for CJSW.

We really wish we'd kept a copy of the Lorrie Matheson mask that f-word published a few years back...

Friday 9 July 2010

CCPS Miscellany: Billy Cowsill - Live from the Crystal Ballroom (1985)

If you're like us at the CCPS, you might need a break from the fake country and usual random music (Loverboy! Glass Tiger! Uh, Kid Rock?) that the Stampede season brings to this city. We like to cleanse our palate with events like tonight's Bucket of Blood (see you up front for the Exploding Pigs!), but we realize that some of you might lie something more authentic.

That's why we're pleased to have received this in the mail earlier this week from our friends at Golden Rock. A nice following to our last post, and timely for those who want something more authentic for the Stampede. This recording of Billy Cowsill (opening for kd lang!) was released a few years back by the same folks that put out the Co-Dependents' records.

We challenge you not to two-step to this.

(Oops! This is still available commercially, so we've pulled the link - you can get it from Indelible Music - though their purchase link takes you to the soon-to-be-shuttered Megatunes.)