Thursday 3 June 2010

Funeral Factory - Nursery Rhymes for Children

We're not sure of the exact year of this Funeral Factory recording, but Greg Kushner tells us that it predates their 12" (which is over at Golden Rock - and parts of which are repeated on the tape we've posted previously). Greg tells the full story (well, not the full story, but certainly more than we know):

The Funeral Factory were two BFFs who eventually fell out. They played in a cover band called the Wait and meanwhile created “Nursery Rhymes for Children” on a 4-track. Mary-Lynn (Religion White) was voice and keyboards and Greg (Religion Darc) was voice and guitar. “Nursery Rhymes for Children” predates the “Living With Ghosts” EP. They recorded it for themselves, and I was grateful to receive a copy. Why did I? They sent a demo to CJSW and I carted it, but couldn’t remember the song title so called it “Existence/Decay” because I remembered there was a slash in the title. Mary Lynn called me and said she loved the new title (phew!) and sent me this tape plus the lyrics.

Mike Bezzeg took them under his wing and they produced the EP and a CD; both are really good prog goth rock. Their CD release show at the Westward was incredible – the highlight for me was the opera singer in full clown regalia singing an aria (without a mike) at the end of “Abduction” then sadly walking offstage and out the door of the club. Absolutely surreal!

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