Sunday 20 June 2010

Burners - Low Tech/High Torque (1988)

We'd like to thank Spider Bishop for this great tape, even though it caused us a world of anguish. We hadn't yet hit a tape that we had to disassemble to get it to play until this one.

Of course, the work was worth it. This is slice of late 80's Americana features Tim Leacock and Ross Watson, who would go on to play with the producer of this tape - the late, great Billy Cowsill - in the Co-Dependents. We suspect - but can't confirm - that Cowsill's production of this is somehow linked to his landing in Calgary after his work with the Blue Shadows.

Get it here. Especially since we went through all that trouble.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph, Sweet Holy Mother of $%#^%. I am a Burner, and even though this demo (recorded analogue (i.e., on tape)) cost us $10,000, I didn't have a copy of my own until now. Great job Preservation folks!!

We remixed a couple of these songs, mostly beefing up the drums---but, of course, I don't have copies of those either.

Nice production work by Billy Cowsill. RIP.

zaidy said...

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Shona said...

How can I get ahold of this music????