Saturday 29 May 2010

Mark David Stewart - She Can't Cook or Sew and She Won't Scrub Your Floors (1994)

We almost didn't leave the house today, what with all the unseasonable snow and all, but we eventually did, lured by the promise of garage sales and the prospect of pints and tunes from Mark David Stewart down at the Ship and Anchor. MD Stewart released his CD from his new project, Prairie of Prax, but when we went to buy a copy, he slid us something else - a tape!

Back in 1994, after Rabbit Has Brain had called it a day, Mark David Stewart released a CD with the unwieldy title of "She Can't Cook or Sew and She Won't Scrub Your Floors." We'd lost our copy in a move (the usual story), but had no idea this thing had come out on tape as well until Mark passed one to us today.

We had also forgotten about the stellar cast that he pulled together for this - alumni of Big Bang Theory, the Quitters, Monster Zero (!), Gravity Thugs... and song fragments courtesy of one of Calgary's most pseudonym-ed drummers. Yes, it's quirky - but that's pretty much what you'd expect.

Get it here.

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