Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gaudhed - Oh My Gaud (1992)

"You remember these guys, right?" Conrad Montana slyly asked us last week while we were talking tapes. We actually don't - other than form the track of theirs that shows up on the NAMS compilation.


Anonymous said...

Oh my...well...God. I have totally forgot about these guys. I saw them once at a long forgotten community centre way back in the day. They were actually pretty good. I did have this cassette.
I could be wrong about this but I think they moved to Toronto and became Busman's Holiday.

Anonymous said...

you guys suck... this band rooooold!!! AWESOME punk/pop goodness... and had great alberta punk rock roots... skull bunny, joker, etc in calgary... entirely distorted, no rebate, wickerman in edmonton... all these guys went on to great things, but anyone who has a gaudhed tape i GUARANTEE secretly still listens... and so should you!

Anonymous said...

hey guys. Marty here and I was the drummer. we were originally called Skulbunni with Brent Putney on vocals, Alastair Morton on guitar, me on drums and Brian Doss on bass. That project lost Brent and replaced with Neil MacDonald and renamed ourselves Gaudhed. This tape has this line up. Brian Doss left and Neil moved to bass and brought in his buddy Jon Hagen on 2nd guitar and we recorded a 6 song tape in 1993. Gaudhed gigged until early 1994. I went on to Busman's Holiday in 1994 but that was Calgary band not a Toronto band.