Sunday 2 May 2010

Forbidden Dimension - Corpus Earthling (1992)

Since we at the CCPS have no issues with taking our obsessions to nearly-illegal lengths (as yet, no one has issued restraining order on our any of our, er, members), we're very excited to have tracked down a Forbidden Dimension tape we'd nearly forgotten about. Nestled deep within this excellent discography (with links to lyrics!) is a quick reference to this 1992 tape from Jackson Phibes/Tom Bagley, which Christopher Zuk has passed our way.

While the track listing of this tape is quite similar to Our Martian Heritage, our untrained ears tell us these are different recordings. There are a few tracks on here that we haven't heard before or seen anywhere else, including an unlisted cover of the Moving Sidewalks' "99th Floor."

We've ignored the directions for usage, and slid this up our nose anyways.

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Justin Nielsen said...

I to0k a listen to this version along with Our Martian Heritage, and noticed that this was the one that was sent to CJSW when I dj'ed there. Dreamdate/Vulture feed and All Black And Hairy on this recording are the same versions we aired back in 1992.

Instead of playing the tapes over the air, we used to pick a couple of songs and put them on carts. Those carts would then get played over and over again so we could protect the original tape. All Black and Hairy was one of the very first songs we were able to record in this method in stereo. Up until that point all other local bands aired in Mono. We had finally updated our equipment then. I've always loved the effects on that particular track.