Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Doris Day Film Festival - Die Elf Scharfrichter (The Eleven Executioners) (1985)

This is one from Greg Kushner's collection; we don't know who was responsible for this, so we'll turn the narrative over to Greg:

This is probably my fave Canadian cassette release ever, and the track “100 Drugs a Day” is one of my favorite songs EVER – the intro still gives me chills, the slightly out of tune guitar and bass when it all kicks in GRRRR!…a hot guitar solo and one of the best crash’n’burn endings EVER! I’ve heard this band was both Calgary and Edmonton based and that the drummer may have been Mark from Color Me Psycho. They were one of the many bands that opened for the Dead Kennedy’s when they played Mac Hall. The tape had at least 3 different covers, but this one was my favorite. BTW, the guy who recorded this (please note the amazing and powerful mix) was Shane C. who recorded “Crawling” and “Insignificant” on Jeff’s “Praise/Exorcism” tape which is why those tracks sound so good.

Having listened to this a few times now, we're joining Greg's general enthusiasm for this tape, but... fave Canadian cassette release ever? The CCPS office isn't even willing to touch that one tonight: we've had enough Quitters vs. Primrods throwdowns here over the past few years.


Murray said...

Cool! I've never heard this tape, only seen the J-card. Jon Sawyer was in this one I think.

Sarah said...

My mom was the singer for that band... true...