Monday 17 May 2010

Cryin' Helicopters - Live at 10 Foot Henry's

One of our favourite things about the big boxes of tapes we recently scored from Greg Kushner and Conrad Montana is the number of unlabelled/j-card-less mystery tapes. Many of these are on regular blank tapes, like the ones you'd buy from London Drugs (we're not sure why London Drugs was the choice place to buy blanks - price? location? selection? lack of any real reason?), and many of them contain some real gems.

Like this - both we and our pals over at Golden Rock have been looking for any pre-Huevos Brent Cooper projects, the Cryin' Helicopters being one, and the Gravity Thugs being the other. Well, thanks to Greg Kushner, we have a live, straight off the mixing board tape of one of their 10 Foot Henry's sets. The volume level drops through the floorboards for the middle of the recording, but we're still able to provide 10 tracks of untitled, mid-80's garage rock for your listening pleasure.

We're doubly pleased to be able to present this VOX clipping, featuring a 12-year old Brent Cooper.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Incredible find, CCPS!

I can ID a few of the songs...

2. Don't Look Back by The Remains (a Nuggets nugget)

6. 'Til the End of the Day (the Kinks)

7. Mr. Pharmacist (the Other Half)

8. Time Has Come Today (Chambers Bros)

9. Move. I think is an CH original. A studio version is on Golden Rock.

10. Sticks Like Glue. Another CH orig? Got some CJSW play back in the day.

Arif said...

Thanks, Anonymous poster! We'll eventually get around to updating the song titles...

Hidden Charms said...

Track 3 is Somewhere Outside by The Barracudas
Track 5 is Hurricane by The Prisoners.

and that's how I met Mr Brent J Cooper.

Hidden Charms said...

and the first one is Mainline by The Standells