Saturday 1 May 2010

Color Me Psycho/Forbidden Dimension/Jackson Phibes (1987-1999)

We happened to catch Tom Bagley on CBC radio this week, talking about his favourite rock song of all time. For those who missed it (maybe you're like us, and you've now abandoned the CBC for their firing of Barbara Budd?), Tom's pick was a choice one - Blue Oyster Cult's "This Ain't the Summer of Love."

We want you to listen to that at least three times before you listen to this great tape that Christopher Zuk gave us at the Legion last night. There's so much to that Blue Oyster Cult track that's echoed back throughout this personally-crafter compilation (except, mayhaps, the beards, leather and bad hair). This tape is an amazing 12-year slice of Tom's career, it's like a two-week package tour of Europe that hits all the right places ("Give You the Gears" is our Eiffel Tower). A little bit of Color Me Psycho, some early drum machine Forbidden Dimension, smatterings of FD as a full band, and - our favourite part of this - a Jackson Phibes CBC session featuring Brent Cooper on bass.

This ain't the summer of love, but it also ain't the springtime of suck, either.

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