Friday 7 May 2010

CCPS Miscellany: The Lucy Show

Tucked into the box of great tapes we got this week from Conrad Montana, we were pretty excited to find the two tapes from the Lucy Show, a band featuring two ex-Calgarians, Mark Bandola (brother of Steve Bandola from Citrus Park) and Rob Vandeven. We've always been big fans of this stuff, so we've got an excuse to post this now. Plus, Greg Kushner's second salvo included an old VOX with an interview with the band. We're taking that as more than ample reason for tonight's post.

We're not going to retread the history - we're going to let you read the article above and the Wikipedia entry. There's been a bit of debate in the CCPS office tonight about the comparisons to the Cure that seem to be prevalent in both of these sources. The majority of us think they comparisons are neither well-founded nor well-informed. So we've been wandering the interwebs, and discovered this extensive band history at the website of the label that's recently reissued both of these tapes. It hasn't helped the debate, but it did distract us for a bit. But we're very easily distracted, so that's really not such a big deal.

We're not sure how available these re-releases are in our parts of the world, so we're crossing our fingers that we don't get sued again.

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