Thursday 6 May 2010

BMF - Cheese

When Chad passed us the SPI tape we featured yesterday, he also gave us this curious little tape. BMF was Chad's basement band - we here at the CCPS are unfortunately familiar with this sort of thing. A few friends get together, drink some beer, come up with some perhaps-not-so-highbrow song concepts, drink some more beer and then record said songs. Chad tells us BMF has the distinction of having taken this further:

There was a "Battle Of The Bands" at MRC in a couple weeks that we wanted to enter (another drunken decision). We recorded every night and just made the deadline. Due to the fact that every band in Calgary played thrash in 1993-4, we placed fairly high in the standings. We were supposedly 1 spot from playing live at the finals. Thank God we missed out on that because the embarrassment of our equipment alone would have shamed us for life.

Shame is a big part of what keeps us at the CCPS going. That is, shaming others.

We're not sure what BMF stood for, or what any of the other members of the band went on to. We suspect they may still like beer.

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