Monday 12 April 2010

Wagbeard - Clean Shave

We posted this yesterday morning via our Facebook group, and it's been getting some pretty serious traffic, so we may as well share this with the rest of you folks. Legend has it that this is a CD compilation that Steve Elaschuk put together so people would stop bugging him for copies of some of the harder-to find Wagbeard bits and pieces. This includes their self-titled tape, their side of the amazing split 10" they did with the mighty Primrods, tracks from the Bloodbath and Play compilations plus a live session from the CBC (we think). Also as a very, very special bonus is a cover of Guided By Voices' "Motor Away," with Pat on drums and Trevor on guitar.

Sure, it's just duct tape on the cover - but tape is tape, right?


Anonymous said...

Huge thanks for this!!
I've been looking for the songs from the flip side of the Primrods 10" for ages. I think 'Aniticipater' is one of their best.

Anonymous said...

what album had the song "Wasted"?

That's a song I'd love to track down....