Sunday 21 March 2010

Zoo Story - Leather Choo-Choo Time (1993)

We have one last Zoo Story tape to share, realizing that we're out of sequence with the postings here. Greg again gives us the backstory:

Leather Choo-Choo Time was also recorded in Gary’s basement, though this time the basement was smaller and older and we did the recording ourselves on considerably downgraded equipment than Jungle God Shuffle (BTW – to name our tapes, each member contributed a word and we’d arrange them until we came up with something we liked). Please note my ‘big 90’s drum sound’ remix of “Kristara Barrington” at the beginning! Zoo Story broke up soon after, mainly due to increasing time commitments to our day jobs.

But wait! How does this explain the two tapes we presented last year? As hinted in yesterday's post, Zoo Story didn't die there. Cathie and Greg reformed the band, with Jeff Kushner on drums. The put out another two tapes (you'll note from the track listings that there's a lot of re-recording going on here - Greg tells us that Sing and Play Their Hits in a Bathroom was recorded in the the band room at Bishop Pinkham, with vocals done "in the girls' bathroom for the natural echo (plus it smelled better)"). The band finally split with Cathie moved to Victoria, and then Greg moved to Vancouver.

So, remember kids: suffer for your art or it won't mean shit!

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