Wednesday 3 March 2010

Wings + Heaven (brokenpaws and Weep O Mine Eyes) - The Ropes That Bind (1988)

Richard Reynolds got ahold of us via our facebook (is that correct? maybe Facebook should be capitalized? Our editor is doing a liquor run, so we can't check with him right now) page, and has sent us some 80's electronica. We're pretty impressed by this stuff - Calgary's always been a rawk town, so this really is a part of the underground.

This tape is a collaboration of sorts between Reynolds (brokenpaws) and Mikel Weicker (Weep O Mine Eyes). Reynolds tells us that the tape was recorded in both of their home studios; they got to use two tracks each on a 4-track machine, combining them together to form one track. It's kid of hard to fathom how this would have come together over 20 years ago.

Reynolds has pointed us to some reviews of the tape from back in the day, and also some of his and Weicker's more recent (relatively) involvement in the local electronica scene.

Get Ropes here.

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