Thursday 18 March 2010

Webheads - Sex (1989)

We're pleased to be able to offer a second Webheads tape, courtesy again of Greg Kushner and his somewhat deranged sense of humour. While yesterday's tape tackled Led Zep's "Kashmir," this one takes a run at James Brown's "Sex Machine," which sounds more akin to the Silicon Teens than the Godfather of Soul. But it's still worth the price of admission.

To be honest, our designation of yesterday's Webheads tape as the "first" and this as as the "second" is completely arbitrary and uninformed. We think these were both released in the same summer, perhaps at the same time.

Arbitrary and uninformed - we have a new slogan for the CCPS!

1 comment:

Oughta Krawl said...

Thank You Kindly. This is good. Minimal aesthetic understood.

And from 1989 too! '1989. The year the 80's up end(sic) died. While giving the birth force of life to them incongruent twin bastard 90's. The 2nd (and later)one of the two, being especially touched upon the brim and beyond some.