Wednesday 17 March 2010

Webheads - Hello (1989)

After the demise of the Unsightly, Greg and Jeff Kushner holed up and kept right on recording. Greg tells the story quite capably, so we'll just turn things over to him for the description of this tape:

The end of June 1989 saw me finishing my first full year as a teacher. The way teachers were paid then was a bit odd…the upshot that you’d start your Summer with a HUGE paycheque, but it would have to last you until the end of September, because it was essentially three months pay in one lump sum. So here’s Jeff and I … renting an entire house (an old WW2 thing on 2oth Ave between Centre and Edmonton Trail – since demolished), our band no more…a sudden influx of cash and summer ahead of us?! What else could we do? We needed to record our respective solo masterpieces! Obviously!

Off to Long and McQuade to rent Drums and a 4-track for two months. We borrowed one of those tiny crap electronic Casio keyboards from a friend (the ‘demo’ track was Billy Joel’s ‘Just the Way You Are’) and set up a ‘studio’ in our basement.

I waited and waited for the muse to strike. While I waited, I noodled about with the 4-track, figuring out what could be done with it. We had a cool little Radio Shack reverb unit, and I put my voice through that and mucked about with it until I sounded like a robot or at least the guy from Skinny Puppy. I plugged the crap keyboard in and improvised a faux-Goth tune I called “Dance Your Way into Hell”. It was kinda funny so I recorded some more like-minded stuff and choice covers, compiled the best bits and ta-dah! I suddenly had a demo tape. I credited it to ‘The Webheads’ and sold them through the Record Store.

Get the first Webheads tape here.

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jc5k said...

I used to LOVE this tape-no clue where my copy ended up.