Friday 12 March 2010

Von Zippers - Still No Name... (1995)

Since you folks like the Riot .303 so much, we're pleased to offer this great gem, fresh from a box full of awesome that Unsightly/Zoo Story guitar hero Greg Kushner has sent us. This is early Von Zippers, pre-name (and German helmets, assumedly). Greg tells us that he made the shortlist for the band's keyboardist, and so Al passed him this great tape to practise to. Five songs, including a vocal-less version of "Megavolt."

Greg says that the keyboard gig ended up going to Tom Bagley (we think the contest was rigged), but he's okay with that. "I woulda been such a lame fanboy – 'Wow – I’m in a band with Al from Color Me Psycho!'."

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Greg Kushner said...

I still grin like a rock'n'roll fool when those drums kick off "Hot Rod Monkey" ... and that twang! That was the THANG!

Al has always such a nice guy, too! I remember lamenting to a mutual friend that I'd never had a copy of "Kiss Me Then CMP"; the next time I saw her she presented me with a tape from Al - side one was "Kiss Me..." and side two was a load of demos and live tracks! All wrapped in a genuine "Kiss Me..." j-card!!

I once sent Rotoflex a garagey demo I'd made on my own, but I pitched it as a band - the 12" Satans - complete with a made up 'manager' who wrote the covering letter. I'm sure Al was wise to me, but he played along like a champ, even taking the time to write the 'manager' a sympathetic - and hilarious - letter back.

He and Tom B. are absolute treasures! Hope people enjoy this high-octane session!