Thursday 25 March 2010

No Limbo Lasso - Birds Walk South (1985)

We're digging back into the non-Kushner related materials that Greg sent us the other week. This is a gem we were pretty excited to hear - we'd only previously heard the one song on the Calgary Compelation. We've been pretty heavily-reliant on Greg's descriptions, so here's what he has to say about this four-piece:

NO LIMBO LASSO were crazy! Easily Calgary’s sexiest band ever, featuring Sue Smith (sister of Golden Calgarians Geoff and Doug) and Joni Brent (sister of Rodney). By the end, their shows were wildly unpredictable with Sue climbing PA stacks and screaming incoherently whilst Joni held down the bassline with a bemused Cheshire cat smile. Oh – and there may have been other band members too.

The other band members on this are Rodney Brent, and, well... Rodney Brent? There's a lot to like about this tape - beyond the points of connection to most of our favourite bands from the 80's. For those who like the myspace, there's a tribute page over here. Thanks also to Rodney for the full cover art!

Rodney also sent us the above review, which looks like it was from VOX.

Everybody limbo!

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blackcat said...

These guys were awesome! i had the t-shirt even.
Hey Derek