Friday 19 March 2010

Das Nichtige - Das Nichtige (1989)

So, it's the summer of 1989, and while Greg Kusher is working on his Skinny Puppy gone Ween schtick, his brother Jeff is goofing around with the same 4-track (and reverb). Jeff is headed in a much different direction, despite what the name may imply.

The scanner we use here in the CCPS office doesn't do the day-glo orange of this j-card justice. But then, our write-ups never do the music justice. So we'll turn to Greg's description of happening on the recordings...

[O]ne night I decided to snoop on Jeff’s recordings. I put one of his tapes and set up a rough mix. The song was “Truth” and when the multiple harmonies kicked in, my jaw dropped. Here I was messing about with my silly fake Goth band and meanwhile Jeff is recording a masterpiece! He soon put it out credited to Das Nichtige. The song “Free” got a lot of play on CJSW.

This tape mines the same place as the other material of Jeff's that we've posted. This hits us right in the Nuggets, a place we kind of like to be hit (or touched, at least).

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