Sunday 28 March 2010

Banood - Find a Penny (1985)

Here's an odd one; we didn't expect to find out anything about Banood more than "Ashwin Sood once-played-drums-for-and-was-also-married-to Sarah McLaughlin," which is in itself a pretty, uh, exciting thing. But a little poking (seriously: a very minimal amount) around tells us that Banood are the subject of a 2007 documentary (albeit one that was put together by two of the band members).

This is the first of two tapes they put out. This is a curious mix of new wave, jazz and world music influences.

Before, we should note, world music was even a genre.

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Banood said...

The award winning documentary is now online. There you can find a post-Banood discography that transcends the Calgary cassette scene.