Wednesday 10 February 2010

Staasi Quartet - Untitled

So, while yesterday's Staasi Quartet cassette was probably a somewhat official release, we're not sure about this one. It comes to us on an unlabelled C-60 tape, so we're guessing as to its origins, date and song titles.

But what we're not guessing about is this: while the tape we posted yesterday gives us a link to the Primrods, this one gives us a link to McClure's post-Primrods exploits with the Summerlad. This rolls back some of the 90's indie rock touches and is fairly heavy on the krautrock and shoegazer influences, which is a-okay by us, believe you me. The vocals via chorus pedal/flanger/whatever help to seal the connection to the Summerlad.

Speaking of the Summerlad, we have to put a plug in for their CD release show, in about a week at Broken City. We'll be there, hosting a drunken Primrods sing-along somewhere in the back (or in the alley, if/when we get kicked out).

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