Wednesday 3 February 2010

New Internationalists - CJSW Demos 1992-97

New Internationalists

We've pulled together three demo tapes from the New Internationalists into one collection here, partly to show how much a band can change over time (especially with changes in membership) and partly because we're quite lazy.

The first few songs on here fit the same style as the tape we featured yesterday; our Musical Analogue Expert wants to compare these guys to Hunters and Collectors without the horn section. We're still trying to figure out how we ended up with a position called a Musical Analogue Expert. We think he's referring to the anthemic, big music sound they put out. Anyhow, we found a bio of frontman Bruce Callow that indicates he split town and headed to Costa Rica, where he's been since. After the first tape, the style of this changes radically - ending in pretty uninteresting blues rock (to us - but then, we've never like the blues). We were overly-quick in returning the tapes we borrowed from CJSW back to Myke Atkinson; we neglected to make any notes of who the members were for the final two tapes.

The same bio of Bruce Callow indicates that the New Internationalists reunited sometime after 2003, and put out a CD.

But, again, we don't really care about CDs here.

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