Saturday 6 February 2010

Forbidden Dimension - Sin Gallery (1993)

We ended up talking tapes at Broken City last night (in between the flying fists - for future shows, we would like to request that idiots not attend rock shows when we are. With the CCPS present, there's enough idiocy for everyone, and less punching), and our friend Casey Lewis leans over and says (we're paraphrasing here, as we were a bit traumatized by the above mentioned flying fists and can't quire remember the what he said exactly), "I just told someone about your site, she's looking for a copy of Sin Gallery, I told her you'll have it."

"But, Good Sir!" We said, "We cannot post that! It was only released on compact disc, the medium of the devil!"

"No, it came out on tape," Casey insisted, "and it's out of print now."

Well, we've done a bit of research, and of course Casey is correct (as you've figured out by now, we are very rarely right about anything). It looks like Sin Gallery, which is technically considered FD's first full-length recording, was put out by the sadly departed Cargo records on both vinyl and cassette. We managed to confirm this visually via a facebook photo of someone's tape collection, which includes Sin Gallery (alongside both Roky Erickson AND Roxette).

At this point, Forbidden Dimension was Jackson Phibes, Lars Bonfire, and Larry Van Halen. Or, if you prefer, Tom Bagley, another guy, and a drum machine. It's good stuff, still one of our favourites from these guys.

However, all we have is the CD (which is lovingly stored in out collection alongside both Foreigner and Dan Fogelberg), so we're cheating a bit and using that as our source for today's post. To make up for that, we're going to point you to this FD Fanzine site for the lyrics and all of your sing-along pleasures (you'll find this especially useful for the horror-folk of "In the Pines").

Get it here.

Update! Huge thanks to Eric Peterson for generously donating a copy of the tape for our archives. We're thrilled to have this in the collection!

2022 update! We just got a copy of the reissue of this tape from the good folks at Wasted Wax Records. They've also done the good (?) work of putting out a vinyl edition of this masterpiece, which you'll probably want to grab from them.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Cargo didn't release this on vinyl, just CD and cassette.. Maybe in an alternate universe...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An absolutes classic. I found this at the Calgary Public library in.... 94(?) after seeing them at a Sunday matinee that my Dad took me to at the Republik. Been obsessed ever since

Johnny Dumptruck said...

"Maybe in an alternate universe..."

Yes! We lived long enough to make it to the Forbidden Dimension alternate universe!

Anonymous said...

"Yes! We lived long enough to make it to the Forbidden Dimension alternate universe!"

Is it an alternate universe, or time travel?