Friday 12 February 2010

Various - Hellride to a Bloodbath (1996)

Now's probably as good a time as any to slip this one in, having just posted some early FD, Rabbit Has Groin and Staasi Quartet. This is the second Bloodbath compilation (wow, we've mastered the art of the obvious, haven't we?), which only came out on CD (as far as we know - we keep discovering cases where this isn't true - but this one, we're mostly sure of).

Update: We got the tape! Hot damn! 

We've heard from almost all of these bands already - the only band who is MIA in our quest right now is Wedge, who we know released a 7" on Sloth - but we're still hoping there's a tape of theirs out there somewhere.

Ye Olde Tracke Listing is:

Staasi Quartet: Suite Moody Smooth
Forbidden Dimension: Meat Is Meat
Placebo: Bicycle Safety
Also Known As: Incomplete
Rosco Pecoe: I Guess I'm Just A Loser
Rabbit Has Brain: Pussy Juice
Wicked Swimming Dog: Why Are You Gone
Bent On Barbi: Love Black Lies
25 Cent Peep Show: Marjorie's Arteries
Wedge: Civic
Staasi Quartet: Popsicles Are Guided Missles
Rabbit Has Brain: How Does It Work?
Rosco Pecoe: V.C.R.
Also Known As: N.S.F.
Placebo: Bobib
25 Cent Peep Show: Transfixing Hypnosis Reptilian Subdued
Wedge: Latex
Bent On Barbi: 3
Forbidden Dimension: All Black And Hairy
Wicked Swimming Dog: Afterwards She...
Stassi Quartet: Cozy

Ah, we'd forgotten Bent on Barbi. Not one of our favourites, but it's still of interest to us here at the CCPS.

But then, a lot of (often trivial) things interest us.


Paul K Lawton said...

Yes! I wore out my copy of this back in the day.

Chris Z said...

It was released on tape - I had one!!

Anonymous said...

This was for sure released on cassette, Sloth Records used to have a bunch and they were always trying to give them and the 2nd Ninth Configuration tapes away to anyone who was remotely interested. Must not have sold too well.

Anonymous said...

I remember dancing at The Republik to one of the Wicked Swimming Dog songs off this comp! Good times

asmodeo said...

Thanks! greetings from Chile ;)