Thursday 18 February 2010

Big Gulp - Shine (1992)

KC Armstrong of Push sent us a tape that's a marginal Calgary release. We'll let you interpret our usage of marginal on this one, based on the following explanation.

Big Gulp evolved out of one of the more criminally underlooked/forgotten bands in these parts, the Vindicators, as well as a band that we've been trying pretty hard to track down, the Li-150's. We're not sure what happened between the great garage rock of the Vindicators and this, but as Daaren Boreham puts it neatly in Beatroute, the Li-150's "morphed into Jane's Addiction (big gulp)."

We always thought the "big gulp" comment was a sort of onomatopoeia, but apparently it's the result of a sloppy editor (we here at the CCPS have the hihest editorial standards). The fact that this tape didn't come with a j-card is saved by this long-forgotten page on the interweb, which tells us that while Big Gulp formed in Calgary, this tape was recorded by the band after they moved to Vancouver. Still, we're going to call this a Calgary release.

(Thanks to Conrad Montana for hooking us up with the cover art on this one!)

'Cause we been caught stealing, once...

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