Monday 1 February 2010

21 Hundredz - Demo

We're heading back into some of our great finds from the CJSW archive with today's post (and, if we can stay focused, for the next short while). We've heard from the 21 Hundredz thanks to our pals over at Golden Rock and their posts of the Tones and Calgary Compelation LPs. Two of the tracks on this 3-song demo are from those records, leading us to guess the year on this is between 1986 and 1988.

We're having a hard time tracking down details about this band, including membership. A bit of sleuthing tells us that Bruce Callow and a guy named V. Jed Deluca were part of this band, and we have reason to believe that Lori Kennedy played drums for these guys prior to being in Same Difference. A guy named David London may have been the front man. There's a lot we're guessing at, based on some heavy Googling/drinking tonight. The magic of a Google cache yields this:

This band released two singles and produced 4 videos one of which was in Much Music's rotation in 1984.They performed at the Montreal New Music Festival in 1987. The band also won Calgary radio station KIK FM's band contest in 1989 with the winning single being written and produced by Jed.

Wow. KIK FM. How many of you remember Humble Howard... and were at a taping of Switchback in the early-80s?

We were!

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David London said...

Yes you are correct, Jed Deluca was the main guitarist and song writer. David London was the frontman for the band 84, 85 and 86. Bruce Callow joined the band after David London left in 86/87, who went on to DJ with Radio Radio 104.5 Cable FM. Lori Kennedy was the drummer for the band and one of the best drummers in Calgary at that time. Originally the bass player was Chris Ennis who quit the band in 84. Carl also played bass for the band after Ennis left. Jed Deluca and David London co-wrote the song "Today" on the Calgary Sampler Tones. Jed Deluca wrote "Now Playing. On the Calgary Compelation, Jed Deluca and David London co-wrote "Life is Eternal".

FYI, I had lost all contact with the band since the mid 90's. Currently, I am Host and Producer of Grandguignol Industrial Radio a podcast on itunes broadcasting from Vancouver. I just happened to stumble upon this on the internet.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish.


David London