Friday 29 January 2010

Rabbit Has Brain - All Humans Are Stupid (1993)

Rabiit Has Brain - All Humans are Stupid

We're not sure how this one has eluded the posting process for so long. It's a tape we love and cherish here at the CCPS, and we'd turned into an iPad-friendly format years ago. How'd we miss it? Probably has something to do with the drink.

Rabbit Has Brain, in retrospect, was a weird mix of folks. Led by the ever-quirky Mark David Stewart, featuring the shred-tastic guitar of Puritan/Agnostic Bob Keelaghan and backed by Tom Kennedy of Joe 90, the Ted Clark Five and Huevos Rancheros and Chris Wharton (who?), this probably shouldn't have worked as well as it did. Although the focus is on MD's songs, the two that Tom Kennedy contributes are also fantastic; they leave us wishing we could hear more from both of these guys.

We remember a few great Rabbit Has Brain shows at clubs that no longer exist, and whose location we can't quite remember (maybe they're just figments of our imagination?). We also remember Tom Atikinson of the Shinolas playing with these guys for at least two of those shows.

Get Stupid.


Anonymous said...

Repost would be awesome ... keep up the good work

Arif said...

Done! Enjoy the tape!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude. Yer awesome.

Anonymous said...

Bought this cassette at the Black Lung. Listened the fuck out of it. Thanks for reacquainting me.