Saturday 23 January 2010

CCPS Miscellany: Bartok Guitarsplat

Bartok Guitarsplat

Bartok Guitarsplat-2

Bartok Guitarsplat-3

We neglected to mention the intent of these Miscellany posts when we started them up. While our focus is primarily on cassettes recorded by Calgary bands, there are occasionally items that we come across that are either (a) cassettes that are somewhat linked to the Calgary scene or (b) important recordings by Calgary bands that were released on other media.

With this in mind, we're pleased to present a trio of cassettes by Bartok Guitarsplat, also known as Rodney Brent. These recordings of experimental-improvisational electro-acoustic music were done by the former Sacred Heart of Elvis guitarist while in Vancouver during the late 80's and early 90's. It's worth noting that while in Toronto, Bartok Guitarsplat made a name for himself in the local scene, and contributed to recordings by yesterday's Miscellany focus, Lost and Profound.

Brent/Guitarsplat has been back in Calgary for a while now (we like this f-word article, which helps explain the Guitarsplat/Brent thing as well as why the Toronto time was so important to him). We saw him onstage pretty much five years ago to the day, playing with a re-united Sacred Heart of Elvis for CJSW's 20th anniversary.

Another thing we like about these cassettes: they're home taping approved!

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