Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Zoo Story - Generation Whatever (1995)

Zoo Story

Uncovering Zoo Story Play Their Hits in a Toilet was a highlight of our summer, so we were quite pleased to find another Zoo Story tape in the CJSW library. Although this one doesn't have a year of release, it does provide insight into the band's membership. It also contains a pile of songs from the tape we first brought you - a trick we've seen from more than one band.

Do the monkey!

Update: Thanks to Cathie for filling in the date for us!


Unknown said...

Glad you dig the cassette! I think we recorded that gem in 1994. Cheers, Cathie

Arif said...

Thanks, Cathie - we'd love to get a hold of the tape with Kristara Barrington on it - can you help us out? Drop a note to hamfisted@gmail.com.