Wednesday 30 December 2009

Teens For Decency - The End of Decency (1997)

Teens for Decency

We posted the first TFD tape quite a while back. For this outing, they're sporting a new bassist and drummer (Corey Martens went onto infamy with Helvis). The first side of this tape are studio tracks, but it's the second side, recorded live at the Night Gallery, that gives a better taste of hee-haw punk rawk flavour of these guys, as well as showing off Ian Doig's penchant for telling very strange historical tales.

As an aside, this tape is another we've borrowed from the CJSW archives. We'll be back at CJSW tomorrow, on our pal Adam Kamis' show, the Failed Pilot (12-2 pm MST), playing some of our favourite tapes. Which means it'll be a solid two hours of Primrods. And maybe a bit of Brass.

Phosphorescent rocks!

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