Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Calliope - Calliope (1994)

We're still pretty pleased that we haven't yet had a cease and desist from Universal Records for posting Zuckerbaby's debut album a few months back. Never ones to play it safe, we're pleased to present tonight's tape, which is sadly lacking any cover art.

However, there's a wealth of internet knowledge out there, reminding us that before they were Zuckerbaby, Reed Shimozawa and Andy Eichhorn headed up the "groove oriented" Calliope.

We have our own suspicions about what that's secret code for, but we'll leave it to you to listen and decide for yourself.


Anonymous said...

could you repost this one? link is dead

Gene Poole said...

Re-upped! And someday we'll post the full CD that these are from....