Thursday 10 December 2009

25 Cent Peep Show - Substance Test Pilot (1993)

25 Cent Peep Show

We've just spent the past two hours staring at computer keyboards here at CCPS HQ, trying to figure out when the cent symbol was removed. It doesn't help that we've been drinking rye and listening to this, the second tape we've found from 25 Cent Peep Show. Just like the one we posted a while back, this proto-Puritans recording is good and sludgy. We're puzzled by the date on this - it bears the same year as the other tape we've featured here, but the extra-sludgy sound leads us to suspect that this was the first of the two, maybe before they had enough money for a better recording? Or maybe its the second of the two, and they had ceased caring about things like audio quality?

Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Indeed this is the first tape. Recorded, I think Dec 92, released in Jan 93. MH.