Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kilgore Trout - The Trout are Out II (1993)



Just before we run off to put our head in a watermelon, we thought we should share another tape. We haven't had too much (any?) representation from the folk scene here in our collection, so this tape from Kilgore Trout is a welcome addition. We have vague memories of Kilgore Trout, so thankfully Northern Journey fills in the blanks for us:

The Calgary musical troupe Kilgore Trout describe themselves as being composed of "working stiffs and students." Lori Hogg is a general practitioner studying to be a psychiatrist, Bob Brennan is an engineer working on a Ph.D., Gail Korchinski is a systems analyst, Kari Strutt and Jackie Bell are writer/editors. They are joined by their passion for music. The material on their debut album, One Voice Starts..., is drawn from a variety of sources from traditional ballads to the Trout's own brand of "folk and roll." The soaring vocals, frequently joining in two-, three-, and four-part harmony, highlight the group's solid songwriting. Kilgore Trout disbanded in 1996.

Go fish!

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