Monday 16 November 2009

25 Cent Peep Show - The Lights that Freeze the Minds of Animals (1993)


There's some faulty wiring over here at the CCPS, and we often get 25 Cent Peep Show confused with Staasi Quartet, even though the two are, well, completely unrelated. Why did we lead with that? How is it relevant to this tape? We don't know, we're just trying to hit our minimum word count, like some second-year English Lit major.

Back to 25 Cent Peep Show. This would basically mutate into (Shoutin' Abner Pim and) the Puritans, which then became the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. This is good, angular, primal stuff.

Thanks again to Donovan's magic Safeway bag for this one.

How come the cent symbol isn't standard on keyboards anymore? We're clearly too lazy to go looking for it.

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