Sunday 29 November 2009

Kilgore Trout - The Trout are Out II (1993)



Just before we run off to put our head in a watermelon, we thought we should share another tape. We haven't had too much (any?) representation from the folk scene here in our collection, so this tape from Kilgore Trout is a welcome addition. We have vague memories of Kilgore Trout, so thankfully Northern Journey fills in the blanks for us:

The Calgary musical troupe Kilgore Trout describe themselves as being composed of "working stiffs and students." Lori Hogg is a general practitioner studying to be a psychiatrist, Bob Brennan is an engineer working on a Ph.D., Gail Korchinski is a systems analyst, Kari Strutt and Jackie Bell are writer/editors. They are joined by their passion for music. The material on their debut album, One Voice Starts..., is drawn from a variety of sources from traditional ballads to the Trout's own brand of "folk and roll." The soaring vocals, frequently joining in two-, three-, and four-part harmony, highlight the group's solid songwriting. Kilgore Trout disbanded in 1996.

Go fish!

Monday 16 November 2009

25 Cent Peep Show - The Lights that Freeze the Minds of Animals (1993)


There's some faulty wiring over here at the CCPS, and we often get 25 Cent Peep Show confused with Staasi Quartet, even though the two are, well, completely unrelated. Why did we lead with that? How is it relevant to this tape? We don't know, we're just trying to hit our minimum word count, like some second-year English Lit major.

Back to 25 Cent Peep Show. This would basically mutate into (Shoutin' Abner Pim and) the Puritans, which then became the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. This is good, angular, primal stuff.

Thanks again to Donovan's magic Safeway bag for this one.

How come the cent symbol isn't standard on keyboards anymore? We're clearly too lazy to go looking for it.

Friday 13 November 2009

Glider - Popsicle (1994)


We may have been a bit flippant (Us? Flippant? Ha! Never!) when we posted Glider's Umbrella EP. While we're not quite sober enough right now to take back what we said back then, we will say that this tape has got us in a pretty good mood. We actually didn't realize there was a second Glider tape until Donovan Watson flipped it our way (at a skatepark! in a Safeway bag! fantastic!).

Get it here.

Saturday 7 November 2009

Zen - Zen (1993)

Zen - Zen

Zen - Zen (inside)

We're puzzled by this second Zen tape, because (a) the cover art is almost the same as Words of Reason and (b) there are at least a couple of the same songs on both tapes. But this one was clearly recorded at a different time so...?

We don't understand. But that's par for the course.

Zen - Words of Reason (1992)

Zen - Words of Reason

Zen - Words of Reason (inside)

One of side benefits of having screwed up the links to our artwork earlier this week (aside from having gotten rid of our completely incompetent intern - no, you cannot use us as a reference, Mr. Linkdeleter) is that we've just realized we never posted a couple of tapes. That's what happens when you're, well, not really paying attention.

So here's Zen. In all their hard rock glory. Vocalist Rob Kelly was in Joker, but this is more - well, early 90's alt.metal.